“We, SPECO, will be a 100-year-lasting company as a growing companion of our customers.”
We sincerely thank all of our customers and dealers all around the world who love SPECO.

We, SPECO, have been a business growing companion of our customers since our opening in 1979.
We also have been leading domestic and foreign market of construction equipment with our best technology, quality and help of
our customers and dealers all over the world.
Additionally, we have supplied our equipment to 2,500 road construction and large SOC construction projects in 50 countries.

We have a sense of pride of committing in to construction industry which has led the Korean economy.
We have maintained the top position of domestic construction equipment. And we produce and export world-class asphalt mixing plant, concrete batch plant,
and maritime equipment in the largest state of the art factory of 50 acres in Eumseong, Chungbuk province of Korea.

Currently, our excellent quality and differentiated technology are being used to improve marketing and R&D by combining these two.
This effort will help us give technical support, hold seminar, and factory tour program which will also help us keep relationship with customers in order to grow construction plant industry.

As you see, we are not just making outer growth but also growing our inside such as making great profitability and sound finance structure so that we can become
the domestic and world best plant manufacturing company in the future.

Recently, we decided to participate in the keynote of globalization, and established asphalt mixing corporation body in Shanghai,
China and wind tower corporate body in Monclova, Mexico. We also are planning to build additional factories around the world based on feasibility study.

Customers and dealers all over the world!

We will put our best effort to become the world best recognized company and to provide best quality and service to satisfy our customers and dealers.
We also promise to become the best business partner of each of you.